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Non-Profit Mail

In 1985 the owners of MSU began their mailing relationship with their first non-profit customer. Over the years our customer base has grown to include many of Dubuque’s non-profit organizations. At MSU we understand that your organization has different needs than your for-profit counterparts. Your appeals are your future. Without the revenue generated from your appeal not only would you have to close your doors but the important work your organization does would also stop. And let’s face it there are many organizations fighting for a limited amount contributions.


Why start your campaign at a disadvantage?


With MSU’s help in keeping your costs low it can be like your campaign is starting out with a big donation! Postage is a major expense of any mail campaign and MSU has the knowledge, the equipment and the experience to save you money.


Why take the chance that a mistake by your volunteers or your printer or whomever handles your mailing will cost your organization money?


Mail regulations are complex and a minor mistake can cost you hundreds or even thousands in additional postage costs. With our experience MSU will protect you from mistakes that could cost your organization. MSU employees receive continual training in the ever-changing postal regulations. Nobody’s perfect but at MSU we stand behind our work and guarantee that if we make a mistake we will fix it or pay any additional fees with no cost to you!


Why get your advice from a printer or designer that has little or no knowledge of postal regulations?


At MSU we help you from the beginning of a project by looking at your designs and pointing out any possible conflicts with mail regulations. Our customers and the local printers who utilize our service have come to depend on us to protect them from costly design mistakes. Ask your printer or designer to consult with MSU prior to printing.


Why mail your precious appeal to bad addresses or to people who do not live at the address on you database?


Even on a simple mailing every piece of undeliverable mail can cost you 30 or 40 cents; add an postal endorsement and those costs can be triple that amount. MSU utilizes the latest CASS certification software along with the knowledge to identify and fix or remove bad addresses. We also offer an NCOA service to help you ensure that you are reaching your target audience.


Let MSU take all of the chance and hassle our of your organization’s next mailing. Give us a call today!